Thank you for looking at my page!

I believe that finding the right florist/ stylist is important for getting the final look right. You need to be able to trust that the service providers you choose are the right people for YOU.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so if you like 90% of what you see on my site, then I think we are a good fit and I would love to meet you to hear about your event/wedding and vision.

Get in touch for an obligation free coffee meeting.

My style

I love pretty, romantic and whimsical, using a mix of flowers to create luscious bouquets;

I love things to form freely, be unrestricted and sometimes a bit on the wild side;

I love using interesting textures like nuts and berries as well as other materials to create interest; and

I love “something different” a challenge and if you are keen using some Australian natives mixed in;

A bit about me

Born and raised in Germany, my love for flowers and arranging them has been an interest since childhood but my real passion in Floristry began in 2002 when a friend of mine opened a Florist Boutique in Hamburg. It was there that my skills were honed and european technique learned which influence my unique style and design.

I value good customer service, prompt replies and a honest direct approach, and am striving to provide just that. I will tell you when I don’t think something will last in our climate, or when I think something is not going to work.

I have also gotten married once and I know that sometimes the budget can run away from us, so I always try and offer advice and solutions on how to come in on target and still get the look you want.


My main advantage compared to a lot of other Perth Florists is that I not only provide “flowers” but complete table styling (often referred to as tablescaping) for your reception. I have a large inventory of candleholders, vases, wood, boxes, runners and other accessories that we can use in creating a cohesive, layered, look that does not do not only comprise of a floral ┬ácenterpiece on a white tablecloth.

I believe that styling and floristry go hand in hand and that having a handful of coordinated suppliers beats splitting your lists into too many small parts.

Being a home based floral designer, I am not bound by shop opening hours or overhead costs. I will be there from start to finish, from the first coffee to personally preparing and setting up all of my work to make sure it is exactly what you want.